Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc. Invests In Award Winning Advertising And Public Relations Agency, GodwinGroup


Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc. has invested in Godwin Advertising Agency Inc (Godwin) to expand its marketing execution capabilities and marquee client base and establish a significant geographic presence across the Southern United States.

Al Croke, Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc.’s President & CEO said, “We’re extremely impressed with Godwin’s creative services and its people.” Croke added, “We see opportunity for mutually beneficial growth across our client bases as Godwin’s depth of experience in digital, public relations, crisis/issues management, and research bring new capabilities to our portfolio of services. This business relationship is a great fit.”

“This affiliation with LMSG provides our clients with state-of-the-art marketing technology at a new level,” said Godwin Executive Chairman Philip Shirley. “Godwin has continually added to its portfolio of services to meet client needs. As we enter our 82nd year, we are thrilled that our new investment partner brings proven e-commerce technology and access to lead generation and digital marketing capabilities unsurpassed in this region.”

Godwin will continue to function independently and will now also support the client needs of Local Marketing Solutions Group companies JGSullivan Interactive in Chicago, DuFour Advertising in Wisconsin, and WeblyGuys Brand video solutions, based in Chicago with additional capabilities in the Philippines, and KMA One in Atlanta.

Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. will continue to pursue additional partnership opportunities, to realize the long-term strategic vision of providing clients with a full spectrum of sales and marketing execution services in support of its hosted marketing technology platforms. The company intends to provide clients with all things sales and marketing, establishing brand control at the corporate level and driving client revenue through its sales channels with execution efficiencies and local flexibility.


Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. (lmsg.co) is No. 1,673 on the 37th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. LMSG was formed in 2012 by the executive management team of JGSullivan Interactive Inc. The purpose of the holding company is to continue the expansion of offering the broadest and most efficient marketing and sales solutions to national and international brands that drive revenue through local sales and marketing channels. The company provides marketing automation technology and supporting sales and marketing services capabilities, allowing corporate sales and marketing to control brand image and to ultimately facilitate use of product and service content and materials for local channels.

Operating units and Brands include JGSullivan Interactive (jgsullivan.com), DuFour Advertising (dufour.com), WeblyGuys (weblyguys.com), KMA One (kmaone.com) and now Godwin (http://www.Godwin.com).


Godwin (godwin.com) was founded in 1937 and is the South’s oldest marketing communications firm. Headquartered in Jackson, MS, with offices in Biloxi and Dallas, Godwin serves clients nationwide, primarily in healthcare, banking, finance and insurance, utilities, tourism, manufacturing, food and consumer goods. It has been recognized among the nation’s leading agencies by Ad Age and AdWeek. Godwin provides branding, advertising and reputation management services, as well as digital and web marketing services.