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ACUITY: A Sweet Year 2011 — Hermes Award

Posted on: December 31, 2011 ACUITY: A Sweet Year 2011 — Hermes Award

Most entries are received online, but several thousand are delivered, as they just don’t have the desired effect when they are submitted digitally. Many of the entries are unusual .... some Hermes favorites have been product labels (that just happened to be attached to unopened bottles of beer, wine and spirits).

The Hermes processors were unwrapping deliveries when screams was heard. Visions of a dead rodent and even a body part in one of the packages? The processors were gleefully opening a box of chocolates! In the box with the chocolate treasures was the ACUITY Annual report entitled, ‘ACUITY, A Sweet Year 2011’. The quality of the annual report matched the quality of the chocolates, the report was well done, but by the time the box made its way to the judges, ‘A Sweet Year’ was just a Sweet Annual Report.

The moral of the story is if you want to attract attention, share a theme with a good box of chocolates.

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