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Video Advertising: Coming to a Location Everywhere

Posted on: March 19, 2019 Video Advertising: Coming to a Location Everywhere

By now you’ve probably seen digital billboards flashing advertisements on the side of the highway, videos playing on gas station pumps, in elevators and on the backs of airplane seats. As Advertisers look for new ways to market to captive audiences, technology is helping to pave the growth path. One company, Electrify America has just struck deals to install electric vehicle charging stations at two big retail chains, Target and Walmart. As part of this agreement Electrify America is looking to possibly sell video ad space on their charging stations.

Advertisers are also closely watching the rPlate from Reviver. This license plate technology for motor vehicles displays digital license plate numbers and current registration information. These “connected” license plates could become highly targeted mini-billboards for Advertisers to flash ads and track locations of drivers at specific retail stores, providing up-to-date deals to individuals in the vicinity. Several states are already in talks with rPlate to test this new technology.

Another, not-so-new multi-media platform is the custom video mailer with an LCD screen that plays a custom video message. Available in 2.4”, 4.3” or 7.0” LCD screens these “videocards” can be customized to play video messages specific to the recipient. Prices over the past few years have fallen from a $100 a card to as little as $19 per unit for a 4.3” LCD screen card.

As technology advances Advertisers will continue to find ways to get their products in front of the consumer in creative ways. So, what’s next? Ads on sneakers, streaming videos on park benches or even scrolling ads on mailboxes? Only time will tell but one thing is certain, Advertisers have a broader landscape than ever before to test and experiment with.

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