Prairie States Partners with DuFour

Prairie States Partners with DuFour

Prairie States Enterprises, Inc., Sheboygan, is partnering with DuFour Advertising and Du4*WebTech for their marketing and advertising needs.

Prairie States is a third party administrator with a unique clinical focus. The company provides health benefit claims administration coupled with a complete range of health enhancement services that help employers recruit top talent and reduce their health care costs. In 2012, their health cost inflation rate was only 1.66%, less than a third of the national average.

“We believe in what Prairie States’ has to offer and we’ll help get them ‘on the map’— informing employers of the savings Prairie States can provide them in healthcare administration,” says Tim DuFour, president, DuFour Advertising. “Their staff of nurses and medical professionals use their experience to find proven cost savings, and they answer the phones, something that’s hard to find — personal attention is a huge bonus in itself.”

Prairie States CEO and Founder, Felicia Wilhelm RN, says, “The overall health of a group is an investment. We believe there is greater value in maintaining the health of your employees than restricting care. We are launching a new program to help businesses save further on managing health care costs; employers that sign on for our services for two years receive a month free of charge. It’s all about saving on the investment in employees’ health.”

Prairie States Enterprises Inc provides comprehensive health benefit plan administration services for self-funded organizations, offering in-house health management and wellness, benefits optimization, plan analysis and predictive modeling tools. Visit Prairie States website for more information.