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A Little Bit of History

Since 1980, DuFour Advertising has delivered creative, award-winning ideas to our clients, with a focus on results. From our humble beginnings as a one man design house, we’ve grown into a dynamic, full service advertising agency comprised of talented individuals who are driven by a passion for excellence. Over the years, we’ve relocated, and our team has grown with new faces, but we’ve never lost sight of the power of great service, continuous improvement, current technology or having fun. Our dedication to those core values has fostered an environment and culture that supports our mission: Developing Great Ideas.

Our vision supports win/win partnerships that allow our clients, and us, to grow and improve. We believe in research and strategic planning, and have always encouraged our clients to see the “big picture.” We believe that creativity must be nurtured – it cannot be delegated. Throughout our history, we have successfully supported clients in a wide range of industries by always employing the proper tools to obtain the desired results.

Our clients continuously challenge us to exercise our creativity to its fullest. That’s a challenge we will always welcome with great enthusiasm!

See Our Vision

“We will offer clients a unique experience driven by our focus on results and passion for excellence.”
- Tim DuFour

Meet The Team

Al Croke, President and CEO - DuFour Advertising

Al Croke

Roman Draughon, Creative Director - DuFour Advertising

Roman Draughon

Creative Director
Drew Foerster, Creative Director - DuFour Advertising

Drew Foerster

Creative Director
C.J. Skelton, GM-Interactive - DuFour Advertising

C.J. Skelton

Web Director

Why Choose DuFour Advertising?

When asked why they choose to work with us, our customers consistently cite our creativity in developing work that’s effective in helping them meet their objectives. We make it our business to understand your business. We’re dedicated to continuous improvement, and we understand the importance of working efficiently to deliver the greatest value for your marketing dollars. DuFour Advertising delivers the effectively creative, cost-conscious service you deserve.

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