Sweet Solutions

In 1980, a small agency opened in the heart of the Midwest. We’ve been busy as bees ever since, and have built a creative powerhouse that can help you make your brand buzz with sweet solutions including award-winning creative, video solutions, digital, public relations, media planning and placement.

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Creative Results drive what we DU, but being recognized in the industry with multitudes of awards, are as sweet as honey. We’ve known for years that there is a correlation between creativeness and the performance of advertising. Advertising that contains unexpected details or expands simple ideas to become more intricate, has a much greater impact.



Video will command 80% of consumer internet traffic by 2019! If that doesn’t get your attention, then at least be aware that there is a 100-200% increase in engagement in video over text. That’s right...and that’s why you should reach out to us to leverage the power of video.



From making your web page look great on all devices with responsive design—to building a custom content management system tailored for your business, we are the one-stop source for all of your digital needs. In addition to our award-winning creative and video solutions, we offer the latest in SEO—to ensure that your customers can find you, social media expertise—to increase your digital brand, and hosting—to provide you with quick service.


Public Relations

We can help to protect, enhance or build your brand through the media by cultivating positive messages translating those messages into positive media stories. When the news isn’t so positive, we help you formulate the best response to mitigate the damage.

Media Planning

It’s all about selecting optimal media platforms for your brand and creating a marketing campaign that nets results. We can help you determine the best combination of media—from print to digital in order to achieve those objectives. Our research services can help you dig deeper to target potential new customers and to maximize your current customers.