10 & 15 years behind the walls of DuFour Advertising

Drew Foerster and Roman Draughon of DuFour Advertising

Sheboygan, WI – Drew Foerster, aka “No Face Foerster”, has been serving DuFour Advertising for 15 years. He began his sentence in 1995 as one of the Creative Genius’, he briefly fled the state to art direct at Marks & Whetstone in Chicago, was apprehended and returned to continue his term here—which is now indefinite. “Drew solves problems creatively here at DuFour. He is our Assistant Creative Director and is encouraged to daydream day after day,” says owner, Tim DuFour. “When he first started we knew he had infinite potential. That has truly blossomed and we see his talent for design shine, even while confined in his 10’x10’ space. It’s amazing!”

Roman Draughon, aka “Marvin Harris, Jr.”, too, is serving an indefinite term at DuFour and has been holding the status of Creative Director for 10 years. “Roman’s wit has led us to very far off places,” says Tim DuFour, “He keeps us on alert and appreciates that our clients are absolutely number one—which assures his longevity here.”