Wayne Larrivee and DuFour Advertising Partner on Trademark Idea

DuFour and Wayne Larrivee Launch DaggerWear

Story by Insight Magazine.

Whether it’s a neat screenplay pass to the end zone or a hard earned smash-mouth run for a touchdown, that last nail in the coffin is always satisfying as you watch your team surpass opponents with ease.

For Green Bay Packers fans, that point in the game is punctuated with, “And there is your dagger!” by Packers radio announcer Wayne Larrivee. Larrivee is the voice of the Packers on WTMJ of Milwaukee.

For Larrivee waiting for that one last play that gives the Packers the definite win has become a bit of a game within a game for listeners.

“The first time I used the term was back in 2001 when the Packers were playing the Ravens and Favre hit Bubba Franks on a touchdown pass and I yelled out ‘Dagger!’” says Larrivee.

Larrivee says making that call is very instinctive and it doesn’t always happen.

“When it’s a close game and it’s back and forth there may not be a dagger,” says Larrivee. Determining where and what play is the “dagger” has become a way to get fans involved.

With a catchphrase that is so memorable, Tim DuFour of DuFour Advertising in Sheboygan decided to search the web for the phrase and see what was out there.

In March 2011, DuFour approached Larrivee with the idea of trademarking the phrase and starting a retail business.

“I said to Wayne, ‘Welcome to the fashion and retail world,’” says DuFour. “People can relate to this and now they can touch it, feel it and be a part of it.”

In September 2011, DuFour and Larrivee launched yourdagger.com with merchandise featuring the famed catchphrase.

Whether it’s T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, hoodies or stadium blankets, DaggerWear has been well-received in its launch. In December, the company sold $17,000 worth of merchandise.

Proceeds from the sale of DaggerWear benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“Over 1.1 million people listen to Wayne on the radio whether through WTMJ or its affiliates and that kind of told me we have a good starting market,” says DuFour.

While Larrivee brings the catchphrase and “face” to the brand, DuFour is able to bring more than three decades of marketing and advertising experience to the business.

For now the DaggerWear is available online as well as in select retail locations including the Packers Pro Shop at Lambeau Field.

“Obviously, Wayne’s call is synonymous with the Packers winning games,” says Kate Hogan, director of retail operations for the Green Bay Packers.

For now the Packers Pro Shop offers select DaggerWear T-shirts. Hogan says the organization is certainly open to future items as the Pro Shop has had a good response so far.

“Wayne is a friend of the Packers and the Green Bay Packers are all for supporting charitable causes,” says Hogan.

The merchandise has now sold in 48 states and 19 countries including Kenya, Guatemala and Switzerland to name a few.

“They call Dallas America’s team, I call the Packers the world’s team,” says DuFour.

For DuFour, the idea of giving back was personal.

“My niece has cerebral palsy and she had a wish granted a long time ago to go to Orlando,” says DuFour. “We felt this was a cause that we could make more of a direct contribution to.”

In December, Larrivee and DuFour granted their first wish to Tyler Toth of Stetsonville in central Wisconsin – a special weekend at Lambeau Field. The weekend included a lunch with Aaron Rodgers, a tour of Lambeau, seats to the New Year’s Day game and a family weekend stay at a waterpark. In addition, the family was able to attend the taping of Inside Lambeau.

“This is what it is all about granting wishes and we hope to grant many more as we go along,” says Larrivee.